The Code of Ethics

Due to our keen awareness of the importance of keeping to the highest ethical and professional standards related to the wedding industry and meeting the goals set out in the Statute, The Polish Association of Wedding Consultants defines this set of rules of ethics and professionalism that guides its members.

We believe that it is necessary for a company to keep to ethical values in every activity. A company’s reputation and its clients’ trust is one of the greatest values in the industry of wedding services.

All members of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants consciously accept and adopt the use of the following provisions of the Code.


General rules

1. The Code of Ethics for a Wedding Consultant is based on general ethical standards.

2. Each Wedding Consultant is obliged to respect the fundamental moral principles and the rules of professional conduct covered by this Code.

3. The Association oversees the observance of the principles set out in § 1 point. 2, and responds to violations of these rules.

4. Violation of the rules covered by this Code is a failure in fulfilling the dignity of the profession.

5. Each Wedding Consultant promotes the Code among all the people they work with.


Rules of Conduct

1. The basic rules applicable to each Wedding Consultant are:

  • honesty,
  • reliability,
  • obeying the law,
  • objectivity,
  • responsibility,
  • competence,
  • confidentiality,
  • professionalism in their actions,
  • ethical integrity,
  • customer care,
  • kind and caring relations with customers and business partners

2. Each wedding consultant ought to constantly deepen their professional knowledge and increase their qualifications needed to practice their profession.

3. Associated Wedding Consultants give a good account of professionalism and industry care. With their attitude and actions they watch over the dignity of the profession and are an example to follow for non-affiliated colleagues.


Principles of cooperation between the Associates

A Wedding Consultant is required to:

1. Maintain mutual relations guided by the generally applicable laws, rules of social coexistence and good business practices.

2.  Not to deliberately formulate false or misleading statements regarding competitors or their companies or their professional practices.

3. Cooperate in order to complete the tasks set before the Association and join in action with all members of the Association involving authorities, organizations, media, and public institutions.

4. In media relations,  express an opinion on behalf of their own company bearing in mind the objectives and care for the good name of the Association.

5. When using the name and/or other attributes of the Association, to keep in mind the compatibility of interests resulting from the membership/function within the Association and the practices of the open market.

6. In the event when two or more members of the Association provide services for the same client at the same time, commit to carry out their services under the scope of tasks entrusted to them, strive for harmonious cooperation and not to interfere with the actions of other members of the Association who are hired by the customer.


Unfair competition

1. Healthy competition is meant to strengthen the wedding consultant’s environment and help improve the quality of services provided by them.

2. Unfair competition manifests itself in particular in:

  • headhunting employees of another company,
  • concluding agreements between competitors in order to negotiate price or market allocation,
  • copying elements of the competition’s image (the appearance of web pages, text, logo, etc.)
  • economic espionage


Customer Relations

1. Each wedding consultant provides a customer with the highest standard of service.

2. Each wedding consultant performs their professional activities to their best knowledge and will, fairly, with due diligence, and consideration of all of a client’s circumstances and conditions which may have an impact on the course of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

3. The rules determining the payment due to a consultant are to be clear before the provision of services to the client takes place. In the event of a complaint addressed to the Association by the client, it is recommended that, for the purposes of evidence, drafting of the agreements are written in this regard.

4. Each wedding consultant preserves the confidentiality of customer data and any information and facts of cooperation with the customer. Limitations of confidentiality may be made only to the extent necessary to fulfil the agreement and when the customer agrees to the disclosure of information or when it is required by the law.


Dealing with contractors

1. The primary criterion in the selection of subcontractors by wedding consultant are customer’s preferences.

2. To ensure the highest quality of services provided to the client, each consultant is obliged to choose only proven and reliable subcontractors.

3. Each wedding consultant familiarises the client with a contractor’s full offer including any disadvantages and limitations. It is recommended that this takes place before signing a contract with the subcontractor.

4. Wedding consultants can give the other members of the Association both recommendations regarding the level of services provided by subcontractors, as well as inform about flagrant cases of misconduct in the performance of subcontractors with contractual provisions. In providing this information each wedding consultant, above all, is guided by the principles of fairness and objectivity and while giving out negative information it is required to identify and document the basis for dissatisfaction with the cooperation.


Final Provisions

1. In matters not covered by the Code, generally accepted principles of ethics and social intercourse apply.

2. Members of the Association declare their readiness to settle any disputes arising from their activities in a friendly manner.

3. If a member of the Association has knowledge of a breach of the Code by another member, they are obliged to inform about this fact in writing: the member concerned and the Board of the Association, together with the substantiation . The Management Board of the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants will examine each case of alleged breach of the Code in accordance with the procedures specified in the Statute.

4.If a conflict between member wedding consultants occurs, they may apply for its solution to the common courts only after completion of a conciliatory settlement by the authorities of the Association.

5. All the members of the Association at the General Meeting approve the content and date of the Code. The date of implementation into force of this version of the Code shall be the date of January 11, 2008.

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